Remnants of dawn

Restless, unable to sleep, I yearn for a channel.
Ambrosia, chilled by falsehood, rising like bile,
Sticks in my throat.

Bejeweled sky.
Clandestine night.
Pregnant, other worldly shadows
Hinting at the realm within.

How many times did I lie awake
And doubt the world around me?
I fought for castles that crumbled into dust.
Murmured sweet nothings to paintings on the wall.

How I long to walk the darkness
Exuberant, spirit overflowing,
To shine my fierce light.
Burning, intense, alive.

Free from lament, a vision rises.
Appearing distant in the shadows
A cavernous song begins to form.

Sardonic and elegant in the twilight
I straddle the gulf between worlds.
Eliciting words beyond knowledge.

Harness the wrath that grows within me.
Keepsakes of pity and vengeance,
Nausea too great to contain.

Don’t look back.
Cast aside your doubt.

Echoes of darkness,
Wings of fear
Flit between worlds
Inhabited by ghosts
Looking for their way.
Escaped warriors.
Barren wraiths fleeing their masters across a turbulent sea.

Limpid seafaring sculptures in chartreuse.
Neptune favors the weak and languid forms of life’s forgotten fancy.
Turbulent memories of a diseased and hidden past.
Byzantine relics that lead us to ruin.

Barked messages that burn my soul.
Arcane words.
The ancient language of the winged ones
Whose memories haunt the darkness.
What name will guide us through these hidden paths?
Reluctantly I travelled, further into the past.

Orange glow.
Roaring, lion-like,
I pulsed with life.

Wide-eyed and burning, face the dawn.
Allow it to consume you.
Purge the last remnants of hope and fear.

In turbulence there is freedom
And clarity of mind.
I pray to the gods of disorder
To burn the world away.

Majestic, radiant.
No room to doubt.
Within the searing power
Illumination cannot be restrained.

Fierce iridescent beauty
You burn my eyes.
Dark candor.
Empty vision.
Desire incarnate.
A glimpse and I am lost.
The fire rages.
Passion unrelenting
Consume me.

Dawn triumphant, blazing light.

Yet I shrink before the cruel unrepentant glare
That will reduce my corpse to dust, and move on.

Emblazoned with fear, a stranger to this vibrant world
I long for solace.
Take me far away from here.

So far am I wondering the corridors of darkness.
The path is long, my eyes grow dim.
Unclasp your talons and release me.

Enemies beyond count advance
Upon my derangement.
The façade crumbles.

A distant sound.
Truth’s echo.
Out of reach. Elusive.
Harbinger unspoken.
You don’t belong here.
You dream the poetry of the damned.
Wake up.

Replete I lie in damnation
Numb to the vibrancy of life.
Free from the pulsing, burning flame
That underpins all we are and all we could be.

I am the undead, dormant, unable to scream.
The ravenous jackal lives more in a night than
In the length of my torpid life.

Be the blazing, urgent creature you were born to be.
Howl, and live,
Before the talons of death close their icy grip.

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