Labyrinth World

What is the reason? So many ask
For life’s bleak, eternal task.
A phantom and elusive grail;
With blighted pilgrims, doomed to fail.

Morbid meandering,
Morose and mundane.
Endless repeating
Of pathways in vain.

Brutal and futile,
Cruel and unjust.
Fleetingly fatal,
Ending in dust.

The death mask of this labyrinth world,
Lies heavily on the eyes.
See the paradox of time unfurled
And breathe, as perception dies.

Capture a moment.
Burn in its length.
Arcing intensely.
Flashing with strength.

Step forward to the searing light,
Embrace the hallowed fire,
In blind defiance of Vulcan’s might
Mount the funeral pyre.

Branching fate, I surrender to thee,
And laugh at the path of absurdity.

About Sendmarsh

A fairly insignificant person.